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John Edward Olsen

1. John was born in 1915 within the sound of Bow - Bells and was a real cockney.

2. His father was Norwegian and his mother was Welsh, both came from seafaring and artistic families. John's mother was a professional violinist and her cousin was a knighted Thespian (Tragic actor).

3. John was soon to follow in the artistic tradition and trained in ballet and tap (dancing) He also played second violin in an orchestra with some acting on the stage.

4. At one point in his early career he was part of an acrobatic duo called the NESLO BROTHERS who took the act to the London Palladium in the 30's.


During the war years John went into the army as a PT instructor because of his background

Was sent to train Air Force personal at Driffield where he met Francis over a Cup of Tea. Frances remembers those very first moments when John came into the NCO's mess. She was serving and John was buying. They were married and their marriage lasted 52 good years.

- John was in the D Day landings during the 5th wave. He stayed in Germany for 2 years where he learnt German and developed a love of the language and people.


John did many jobs, moving from place to place. At one point he went to Australia as a Tram Conductor. He has a brother and two sisters still living in Australia. They will enter into this occasion through the Video, which is being made.

In England, he was a Miner, a Groundsman, and Insurance Agent.

He liked to fish and write poems.

We first met John about three years ago. I can remember John and Frances coming in with John and Shirley to one of our special Festival of Praise services. They sat over on my right, at the back. That was a very important occasion for John, because on that night, John made his peace with God.

- We also had the pleasure of sharing in John and Frances' Golden Wedding Celebrations and the pleasure he took in seeing family and friends enjoying their special occasion with them.

John is fondly remembered by his family and especially by his grandchildren.

Finally, we at Westfield Christian Centre wish to remember John Edward Olsen as our Brother in Christ, and thank God for his life.
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