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June McCrorie d03 June McCrorie (neé Mills) [-;ML;gM] was born in Watford general Hospital on 8th July 1944 (1944 3rd quarter, Watford, folio 3a page 1924) after a difficult birth. Her father, d11 James Mills [-;gFL;2gF] was from Newcastle and died at 57 years. Her mother, d12 Mary Loudes [-;gML;2gM], was from Northford. June had one brother, d13 Malcolm [-;U;gU], died at 26 years, and two sisters, d14 Valerie [-;A;gA], and d15 Carolyn [-;A;gA]. June has had a various jobs; at Lyons, grocers, at a factory making car seats, a company making poster paints, at Butlins as a chamber maid, Wrigleys Chewing Gum factory, Plymouth Laundry, and an auxiliary nurse at Greenbank Hospital in Plymouth. Now her girls, Pauline and Karen, have left home, June is working as a bar person.
She was married to d02 Alex McCrorie (neé Mills) [-;FL;gF]. They have two daughters, d011 Pauline Olsen (née McCrorie) [-;Si;M] and d04 Karen Hill (née McCrorie) [-;Si;A].
d011 Pauline McCrorie was married to a031 John Christian Olsen . They have one daughter, a05 Danniella Louise Olsen and one son, a07 Ashley John Olsen.
d04 Karen McCrorie was married to d16 ? Hill . They have two daughters, d05 Cheryl Hill; d06 Stacey Marie Hill; and one son d07 Alex Graham Hill.
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