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Ratcliffe Annie
Ratcliffe Eliza
Ratcliffe Elizabeth
Ratcliffe Hannah
Ratcliffe Jane
Ratcliffe John
Ratcliffe Joseph
Ratcliffe (née Leech) Mary
Ratcliffe Martha
Ratcliffe Richard
Ratcliffe Samuel
Ratcliffe Thomas
Rathmell Absolom
Rathmell Albert
Rathmell Ada
Rathmell Alfred
Rathmell Alice
Rathmell Alice Lillian
Rathmell Allan
Rathmell Ann Elizabeth
Rathmell Benjamin
Rathmell Dorothy R
Rathmell Edith Mary
Rathmell Ernest
Rathmell Ethel May
Rathmell (neé Harvey) Fanny
Rathmell (née Bradley) Florence Isabel
Rathmell Florence
Rathmell Fred
Rathmell Frederick Charles S
Rathmell Genetha
Rathmell George
Rathmell Hannah
Rathmell Harvey
Rathmell Hilda
Rathmell Holmes
Rathmell Isaac
Rathmell Isaac H
Rathmell James Arthur
Rathmell Joe
Rathmell John
Rathmell John C
Rathmell John Lister
Rathmell John Thomas
Rathmell John William
Rathmell Joseph
Rathmell Joseph T
Rathmell Leonard
Rathmell Margaret
Rathmell Maria
Rathmell Mary
Rathmell Mary Agnes
Rathmell Rachel
Rathmell Rachel C
Rathmell Rachel Louisa
Rathmell Ruth
Rathmell Samuel
Rathmell Sarah Ann
Rathmell Sarah Jane
Rathmell Sarah Hannah
Rathmell Susannah
Rathmell Thomas
Rathmell William
Rathmell Zallah
Read Arther J.
Read Brenda
Read (née Young) Christine T.
Read David D.
Read Emma Jane
Read Graham A
Read Paul David
Read (née Horder) Phyllis Constance
Read Ryan Robert
Read Sharon
Read Susan
Reddish (née Sleaford) Ann
Reddish William
Reed Barbara
Reeves Joseph
Reeves Mary
Reid Henry
Rhead Alan Victor
Rhead Albert
Rhead (née Richardson) Alice Ann
Rhead Alice Mary
Rhead Cornelius
Rhead (née Eaton) Elizabeth
Rhead Elizabeth
Rhead Ellen
Rhead (née Hollingshead) Ellen
Rhead (née Butters) Emma
Rhead Enoch
Rhead Enoch
Rhead Enoch
Rhead Ezra Lobb
Rhead Frederick
Rhead Hannah?
Rhead Harry
Rhead (née Lobb) Jane
Rhead John
Rhead John
Rhead John
Rhead John William
Rhead Lizzie
Rhead Lizzie
Rhead Martha Lobb
Rhead Mary
Rhead Mary
Rhead (née Walker) Mary
Rhead Mary
Rhead Mary Ann
Rhead Polly?
Rhead Sarah
Rhead Sarah
Rhead Thomas
Rhead Thomas
Rhead Thomas
Rhead Thomas
Rhead Thomas Lobb
Rhead William
Rhead William Lobb
Richardson Alfred
Richardson Catherine
Richardson Clara
Richardson Eliza
Richardson Joseph H
Richardson Sarah
Richardson Sarah J
Richardson Thomas
Richardson William F
Riddle Charlotte Jane
Robbins Elizabeth
Robbins Nathaniel
Roberts Charlotte
Roberts David
Roberts Frances
Roberts Hannah M
Roberts Jane
Roberts (née Robins) Louisa
Roberts Samuel
Rowe Alice
Rowe Jane
Rowe Richard
Rowe Sarah
Rowe William
Ryott Ann N
Ryott Elisha Hunter
Ryott Elizabeth
Ryott Elizabeth E
Ryott Emma B
Ryott Mary J
Ryott Thomas A
Ryott William H
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